Friday, March 1, 2013

Hope For The Best Prepare For The Worst...

Every single day it seems that the subject of emergencies due to one conflict or another, natural disasters, resources (oil, food, technology, etc.), political agendas, man made emergencies such as oil spills and more, the economy, etc. is something we are confronted with somehow or another. It is such a terrifying realization that life as we know it and our creature comforts can change on a dime and how on Earth can we ensure our family's survival not to mention the resources that we would need to thrive throughout the crisis. Our family has started collecting many products which we hope we will never need but should we, we have the supplies that we'll need. I'm going to be starting a series of posts on family survival necessities and where we should turn to in order to ensure our families survive and thrive. I'll be going into detail with each one of these posts and providing your family with the resources in which you will know what to gather, how to store it, how to use it, different scenarios which we should exercise in order to gain the advantage in the game of survival. The emergency supply food above is just one of the many places we'll travel to so that you will start familiarizing yourself with and making the necessary choices as you begin  purchasing and stocking your own emergency supply closet. I hope that you will continue to return for these posts and that you will enjoy survival strategy as hosted by a momblogger caring for her brood including daddy (daddy is awfully busy with the lawyer gig so mommy has taken over the family's survival should any of so many situations arise today into the future!)
Emergency Essentials/BePrepared
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  1. I travel from Colorado Springs to Wamsutter, Wyoming twice per month - of course except a couple of weeks ago when I-80 looked just like this and it was closed. What a mess. For this reason I keep a survival backpack in my car, I hope I never have to use it.


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